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शान्ति मंत्रम् (Shaanti Mantram)

ओम् सह नाववतु। सह नौ भुनक्तु।

सह वीर्यं करवावहै।

तेजसि्वनावधीतमस्तु मा विद्विषावहै।

ओम् शान्तिः ! शान्तिः !  शान्तिः !

” Om` sah naavavatu. sah nau bhunaktu. sah viiryaN karavaavahai. tejasi`vanaavadheetamastu maa vidvisshaavahai. Om` shaantih shaantih shaantih 

Meaning :

Om, may He protect us both (Teacher and taught). May He look after us to enjoy (the truits of scriptural study). May we both exert together ( to find the true meaning of the sacred text). May our studies be fruitful so that we acquire lustre. May we never quarrel with each other.

गणेश वन्दना (Ganesha Vandna)

वक्रतुण्ड महाकाय सूर्यकोटिसमप्रभा ।

निर्विघ्नं कुरु मे देव सर्वकार्येषु सर्वदा ||

“Vakratunndd mahaakaay Suryakottisamaprabhaa. NirvighnaN kuru me dev sarvakaaryesshu sarvadaa.”


O Lord Ganesha of large body, curved trunk, with the brilliance of a million suns, please make all my work free of obstacles always.

प्रातः वन्दना (Pratah Vandna)

कराग्रे वसते लछ्मीः करमूले सरस्वती |

करमध्ये तु गोविन्द: प्रभाते करदर्शनम् || 

“Karaagre vasate Lakshmih karamoole Saraswati.  karamadhye tu Govindah prabhaate karadarshnam`.”


On the tips of the fingers resides Goddess Lakshmi, On the wrist resides Goddess Saraswati, In the Centre of the Palm resides Lord Govinda Himself, So every morning one should look at the palm with reverence.

गुरु वन्दना

त्वमेव माता च पिता त्वमेव,

त्वमेव बन्धुश्च सखा त्वमेव।

त्वमेव विधा द्रविणं त्वमेव,

त्वमेव सर्वं मम देव देव।

“Tvamev mata ch pitaa tvamev, tvamev bandhushch sakha tvamev. Tvamev vidhaa dravinnaN tvamev, tvamev sarvaN mam Dev Dev.”


You are my mother, father, brother and companion, You alone are knowledge and Prosperity. O great teacher, you mean everything to me.

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lord krishna
The Sanskrit word kṛṣṇa has the literal meaning of "black", "dark" or "dark-blue"[5] and is used as a name to describe someone with dark skin. Krishna is often depicted in murtis (images) as black, and is generally shown in paintings with a blue skin.
Traditional belief based on scriptural details and astrological calculations gives the date of Krishna's birth, known as Janmashtami,[29] as either 18 or 21 July 3228 BCE.[30] Krishna belonged to the royal family of Mathura, and was the eighth son born to the princess Devaki, and her husband Vasudeva. Mathura was the capital of the Yadavas (also called the Surasenas), to which Krishna's parents Vasudeva and Devaki belonged to. The king Kamsa, Devaki's cousin,[31] had ascended the throne by imprisoning his father, King Ugrasena. Afraid of a prophecy that predicted his death at the hands of Devaki's eighth son, he had locked the couple into a prison cell. After killing the first six children, and Devaki's apparent miscarriage of the seventh, being transferred to Rohini as Balarama, Krishna took birth.
Childhood and youth
Nanda was the head of a community of cow-herders, and he settled in Vrindavana. The stories of Krishna's childhood and youth tell of his mischievous pranks as Makhan Chor (butter thief), his foiling of attempts to take his life, and his role as a protector of the people of Vrindavana. Krishna is said to have killed the demons like Putana, sent by Kamsa for Krishna's life. He tamed the serpent Kaliya, who previously poisoned the waters of Yamuna river, thus leading to the death of the cowherds. In Hindu art, Krishna is often depicted dancing on the multi-hooded Kaliya. Krishna is believed to have lifted the Govardhana hill and defeated Indra—the kings of the devas and rain—to protect native people of Vrindavana from prosecution by Indra and prevent the devastation of the pasture land of Govardhan.[36][37] In the view of some, the spiritual movement started by Krishna had something in it which went against the orthodox forms of worship of the Vedic gods such as Indra.[38]

The stories of his play with the gopis (milkmaids) of Vrindavana became known as the Rasa lila and were romanticised in the poetry of Jayadeva, author of the Gita Govinda. These became important as part of the development of the Krishna bhakti traditions worshiping Radha Krishna.[39]
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